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Hotel Jobs In Tamilnadu

Hoteliers Talk (paper & online) is India's first career and equipment guide for hoteliers. It is a paper which carries job opportunities, data base of the job seekers and equipment information in India and abroad.

Hotelierstalk has a placement cell, which arranges the internship for students in star category hotels India. It also assists students with contacts of placement both in India and abroad. The Training Co-ordinators monitors students during their internship and are available to deal with any queries or problems that may arise.

Campus Interviews are organized by the Institute where top ranking hotels interact with the students and conduct evaluations session. The students therefore have a bright opportunity of entering into a star hotel.Students are assessed by their employer during their internship and will receive their certificates only after the training has been successfully completed

Hotel & Catering Jobs In Tamilnadu:

The Empee Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology functions under the Management of the Empee Educational and Charitable Trust, which is dedicated to bring global excellence in the field of Hospitality education. It is promoted by the well-known Empee Group of Companies who are pioneers in the Hospitality service for the past 3 decades having star hotels namely Hotel Grand Orient, Hotel New Victoria and a chain of Restaurants in Chennai.

Basic Training Kitchen (BTK): The Freshers are given an indepth theoretical and practical knowledge. In the BTK the First year students learn the basic culinary art and gear up for further challenges, which they have to face in this field. Continental cuisines are practiced by the students and thus they get to learn international cooking traits and art.

Quantity Training Kitchen (QTK): The QTK prepares and modules the students to face the challenges of cooking for large groups and catering the wide Varity of people representing different culinary zones of India. In the QTK the students are put on an arduous journey on the Indian spice trail so that justice is done to the various preoperational methods of a variety of delicacies.

Advanced Training Kitchen (ATK): The ATK is where the Budding professionals are fine polished to prove their mettle in the Industry. Here students are given training in planning and preparation of Indian, Oriental and Western Cuisines. 

House Keeping: Housekeeping is the backbone of the Hotel Industry. It is responsible for cleanliness, maintenance and aesthetic appeal of the Industry. Housekeeping takes more manpower to accomplish countless functions that it does for the other departments in the lodging industry. The range of skills required of a Housekeeper is so extensive that it can be mastered only after years of on-the-job training. So, the students are subjected to practical training in the Institute "Mock-up Room " (Model Gust Room). The students are taught the cleaning, bed making and maintenance of the Gust room and cleanliness of public areas. They also learn the art of Flower arranging and Interior decoration which plays an integral part in the Hotel Industry. It is a major department which accounts for the revenue of the Hotel. This department makes the guest feel " A home away from home".

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